Visiting DIYbio at the London Hackspace

DIYbio London’s lab under the stairs

In July one of our members, accompanied by some friends, had an opportunity to visit the London Hackspace and their DIYbio lab. The London Hackspace recently moved to a new location on Hackney Road and is in one word, impressive. Divided over two floors are a recreational space, a dedicated classroom and various bays for wood and metal work, bicycle repair, PCB etching and storage space for personal projects.

In a room under the stairs, DIYbio London are setting up their new dedicated lab space, complete with PCR machines and centrifuges found on e-bay.  We had the opportunity to meet with Simon Rose who took some time to show us around. They were gearing up to do some transformation experiments and it was nice to see quite a few members actively engaged with the project. If you want to keep up to date with their progress, you can check out their wiki.

While there we also ran into Alex Cureton-Griffiths, who when asked the question “what are you working on?” told us he was a part of SpaceGAMBIT. Turns out there is an active hackerspace space program… who knew!


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