Mini-mini maker faire in Beneden-Leeuwen

The year 2014 started great! Last Saturday, the 18th of January, DIYbio Groningen participated in a maker faire event in  Beneden-Leeuwen, a delicious town in the south of Netherlands, not far from Nijmegen and located between the rivers  Waal and Maas. The aim of the event was to bring together artists, makers and enthusiasts to stimulate creativity and new curiosity. It was a success!

Here are some pictures from the event

mmMF-BenedenLeeuwen_4 mmMF-BenedenLeeuwen_3

mmMF-BenedenLeeuwen_2 mmMF-BenedenLeeuwen_5 mmMF-BenedenLeeuwen_1The atmosphere was positive, children were the soul of the event, tens of them were running from one stand to the other playing with 3D printers, steam engines, electronics and wood. They undoubtedly had fun there.

We spent most of the time interacting with people there, talking about our initiative and the DIYbio movement in general. Richel explained some Arduino code and showed how to control a relay board with it (click click click).  Also, our friend Pieter from the  Waag Society joined us during this event and brought his brand new project, an open-source microcentrifuge called RWXBioFuge. He spent the afternoon working on the centrifuge while we managed to use one of the  3D printers available at the faire to print a beautiful Dutch-orange small rotor that eventually worked perfectly with the new device 😉


Thanks to everybody for the nice time, a special thanks to Pieter for his efforts and a  job well done, to Wouter who spent several hours biking to visit the show and to the organisers for the extra beers 😉 A super extra special thanks goes to Richel’s parents for their  warm hospitality.

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