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'DIYbio Groningen' (an abbreviation of 'Do It Yourself Biology Groningen') is a biology hacker group in Groningen.


This list, in no particular order, contains the people involved with DIYbio Groningen, (please fill out your own profiles).

Workshops & Games

Up and Running

In preparation





  • OpenPCR - Our attempt to build a replica of the OpenPCR machine


Upcoming Events

At the moment there is no event coming up soon, come back to check what we are up to!

You can always contact us in case you are interested in the workshops we can provide...

Looking forward to hear from you :)

Past Events

link to Past Events

External links

To Do List

  • Volunteer to run a workshop
  • Write a blog post about the last experience CCC2015


Link to a list of our appearances in the Press

Getting started

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