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DIYbio Groningen presents: E A S Y P H O R E S I S!

Inspired by our mission to create Open-source hardware for DIYbio labs, we set our sights on the electrophoresis setup. it was designed and programmed using the amazing open-source software OpenSCAD (highly recommended for anyone who enjoys designing 3D objects). Send the file to the 3D printer… — and a new ready to use electrophoresis apparatus is born!

Gel electrophoresis is one of the most used techniques in any biolaboratory, it is used for the analysis and visualization of DNA and proteins — it is a required step in most experiments that involve DNA manipulations.

Interesting fact:

It took us one evening to design a 3D model of the first ‘beta’ version of EASYphoresis. It costs just a few euro to 3D print, plus some tiny pieces of aluminium foil- and that’s it!

On Friday 17 October, we tested our EASYphoresis for the first time. Together with DJO enthusiasts, we performed an experiment during which we ran a DNA sample and some blue markers in the agarose gel. We also tried to make the equipment more waterproof by using the acetone vapour technique.

The results were:

  1. Our first ‘beta’ version of EASYphoresis worked pretty well, which was not surprising to us as the electrophoresis apparatus is a very simple piece of equipment that requires no special materials or difficult hardware for its work.
  2. What is now missing are an efficient power supply for EASYphoresis and a UV transilluminator that will help us to visualize DNA in the gel.

Do you want to help us in designing and making the missing hardware for DNA electrophoresis ? You are very welcome to join us. We meet every Friday at 19.00, come by and see what we can do together! 😉

dutch flyer for the 2014 Makercouse at De Jongen Onderzoekers


DIYbio Groningen is working with De Jonge Onderzoekers to present a “Makercourse” where you can learn how to use 3D printers, Arduino, electronics and lasercutters to do experiments in biology and build fun projects.

The course will start on August 22 and take place every Friday from 19:00 till 22:00. It will cost 20 euro for all courses up until the winter holidays.

Sound like fun?     Want to paticipate?

Shoot us an email at or come to the first session on August 22nd.

Night of Art & Science, Groningen 2014

Collision Art & Science: DIYbio

This year University of Groningen turned 400. As a part of its anniversary celebration, the University teamed up with  ‘The Night of Art & Science’ to make this year’s event even more interesting. Aiming to merge these two fields during in one night is something beautiful and extraordinary. DIYbio Groningen could not miss this chance to share the ideas and ideals of the open scientific community and took part in the event with a stand.

None of us expected what would happen:

For over five hours, a huge flow of participants was flooding our room. Many were interested to discover our PCR machine, Victor’s 3D printer, our Arduino boards and learning about DIYbio Groningen’s mission and work. I,as the appointed photographer, saw and captured lot’s of laugh, curiosity, and most importantly – an interest in public. Some people were asking about our current projects, some wondered about the future of the DIY community and some were also sharing their skeptical views.

Overall, we all were happy to share our passion with people from a large variety of fields and backgrounds and ages. Thanks to organizers of the event, we had vivid illustrations of our mission and our PCR machine, made by the talented illustrator – Wies van der Velde – who communicated our aims and work it in such a clever and funny way. Thank you! 

A big thanks to everyone who participated! For us it was a fun and very entertaining experience!

Night of Art&Science, Groningen 2014

BioArt – Science and Creativity

Ever thought about the interaction between biology and art? Browsing the Internet you will realize you are not the only one! The net is full of local and national projects promoting the interaction of art, science and creativity. For instance, a few years ago in Groningen a bacteria painting was displayed at the De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap . Early this year, a biodesign exhibition was held in Rotterdam, where several examples of biomimicry were showcased.

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Mini-mini maker faire in Beneden-Leeuwen

The year 2014 started great! Last Saturday, the 18th of January, DIYbio Groningen participated in a maker faire event in  Beneden-Leeuwen, a delicious town in the south of Netherlands, not far from Nijmegen and located between the rivers  Waal and Maas. The aim of the event was to bring together artists, makers and enthusiasts to stimulate creativity and new curiosity. It was a success! Continue reading Mini-mini maker faire in Beneden-Leeuwen