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Night of Art & Science, Groningen 2014

Collision Art & Science: DIYbio

This year University of Groningen turned 400. As a part of its anniversary celebration, the University teamed up with  ‘The Night of Art & Science’ to make this year’s event even more interesting. Aiming to merge these two fields during in one night is something beautiful and extraordinary. DIYbio Groningen could not miss this chance to share the ideas and ideals of the open scientific community and took part in the event with a stand.

None of us expected what would happen:

For over five hours, a huge flow of participants was flooding our room. Many were interested to discover our PCR machine, Victor’s 3D printer, our Arduino boards and learning about DIYbio Groningen’s mission and work. I,as the appointed photographer, saw and captured lot’s of laugh, curiosity, and most importantly – an interest in public. Some people were asking about our current projects, some wondered about the future of the DIY community and some were also sharing their skeptical views.

Overall, we all were happy to share our passion with people from a large variety of fields and backgrounds and ages. Thanks to organizers of the event, we had vivid illustrations of our mission and our PCR machine, made by the talented illustrator – Wies van der Velde – who communicated our aims and work it in such a clever and funny way. Thank you! 

A big thanks to everyone who participated! For us it was a fun and very entertaining experience!

Night of Art&Science, Groningen 2014

DIY microscopes… a new revolution has begun!

The design of the optical microscope has not changed since centuries... until now!
The design of the optical microscope has not changed since centuries… until now!

The first effective instruments in the field of optical microscopes, were produced in the Netherlands in the late sixteenth century, but the invention itself is still controversial. Galileo sent one of his building by Prince Federico Cesi, founder of the Lincei’s Academy, to show him its potential.
Among the first scientists to use, distribute and improve the use of this powerful tool, since the seventeenth century, is reminiscent of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke.




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