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OpenerPCR circuit board done

A question we encounter frequently is:

When will the PCR machine be finished?

Because we have not built a time-travelling machine (yet), we simply don’t know.

As of yesterday, we do know that the circuit board is done (*)!

Over the last months,  we have changed our approach: instead of using the complex OpenPCR schematics and software, we started over from scratch. Taking a step-by-step approach where we thoroughly understand each step. When returning from the maker faire in Beneden Leeuwen, a new schematic was drawn from scratch and the project was called ‘OpenerPCR’. This week, the OpenerPCR circuit board was etched, soldered, tested, debugged and we got it working:



One can see the Peltier element (used for heating and cooling) at the bottom left, the relay board (with two LEDs on) at the bottom (used to create an H bridge) and a potentiometer on the right (for regulating the LCD contrast). The thermistor is beyond the edge of the picture. The LCD display shows the text ‘Hello DIYbio’ and the relays are powered, both by the Arduino software.

So, the OpenerPCR circuit board is done (*)!

(*) Let’s assume this, for today

Mini-mini maker faire in Beneden-Leeuwen

The year 2014 started great! Last Saturday, the 18th of January, DIYbio Groningen participated in a maker faire event in  Beneden-Leeuwen, a delicious town in the south of Netherlands, not far from Nijmegen and located between the rivers  Waal and Maas. The aim of the event was to bring together artists, makers and enthusiasts to stimulate creativity and new curiosity. It was a success! Continue reading Mini-mini maker faire in Beneden-Leeuwen

A visit from Noah Most

NoahMostIn December we had the opportunity to receive the first visitor to our group. Noah Most has been tasked with the incredibly interesting mission of traveling around the world to write profiles of DIYbio groups for a new publication out of O’Reilly called Biocoder.

After regaling some tales of other DIYbio visits and an interesting discussion about DNA-origami, we went to one of our regular meeting spots, the local fablab. Here some more work was done on our OpenerPCR, but truth be told we mainly drank beers and talked about DIYbio, our plans, its future and related topics such as the grinder movement.

Following some cycling through the rain it was time to have some fun, so we decided to end our night with another notoriously Dutch activity- salsa dancing!